Get Excited to Know About Seasons of Travel to Sundarban

Get Excited to Know About Seasons of Travel to Sundarban

If you are excited to know about the seasons when you can travel to Sundarban then we are also excited to tell you when or how you must take up the tour. In this blog, you will get a piece of complete knowledge about the Sundarban tour and you will love to know why this Sundarban tour is so famous during these seasons. Let me tell you which are the famous seasons:

August to September – for Hilsa

October to February – for Winter life and adventure. 

Let’s know in detail about the tour: 

1.Kolkata to Sundarban: 

Many times you ask and want to know how you can travel from Kolkata to Sundarban. Sundarban tours and travels are very simple. You just need to know certain tips and tricks to enjoying the comfort. 
  • Book the best tour operator.
  • Come to Kolkata and if you stay in Kolkata then nothing to worry about. 
  • Then board the bus or car by the operator and come to Sundarban. 

Yes, it is that simple and easy. 

2. What all You can do in here:

This is a very common question that we always face about what people will do in Sundarban. You are trying to know what are the activities that you can take up in Sundarban. 

  • You can go for a forest adventure and that will be superbly amazing. 
  • You can take a boat ride and get into some amazing places in Sundarban and click some great photos. 
  • You can get up the watchtower and enjoy seeing the wild animals living their normal day-to-day life. 
  • You can also enjoy watching birds from the watchtower. 
  • You can go out on a night safari too. 
  • During winters you can see the folk dance and cultural programs performed by the local people. 

3.What About the Sundarban houseboat experience

Many times people want to know about the houseboat experience in Sundarban. Do not worry it is an amazing thing to enjoy. If you once book a houseboat and stay in there you will see that you are enjoying more than staying in a hotel or resort. Sundarban packages often include the houseboat and then if you like you can opt for that and enjoy the houseboat stay day and night. It is a very nice experience and you will surely love it all together. 

4. The Jungle safari: 

Adventurous people, love to enjoy this Jungle Safari. They feel that it is very much adventurous and fun when they take up the safari. Before you enter the forest all the protective measures are taken and you are given a guide who enters with you in the forest to assure you are safe from all the wild animals. Inside the forest though it is a protected area you must abide by the rules and regulations given out there. If you do not follow the rules then you will fall into a very bad situation during the safari. So, listen to your guide and then take up the safari.

5. Sightseeing

There are so many things to enjoy in Sundarban. Like the National Park, the forest, the wild animals, Netidhopani, Sajnekhali, Snadeshkhali, etc. You will never feel bored while in Sundarban because as the delta is huge its sightseeing place is also immense. They are also amazing and beautiful to enjoy. If you once come here you will continue to enjoy here. 


So many festivals are celebrated in Sundarban. Especially the important Goddesses of Sundarban The BonBibi. She is the goddess of the Sundarban forest. Everyone in Sundarban respects is and offers their prayers to her. Especially when one enters the forest they always offer prayer to her. It is a belief that she keeps us protected inside the forest. This is something to enjoy in Sundarbans. 


If you are a foodie then you will love to be in Sundarban. The food in Sundarban is delicious to have. You will love its taste and texture. They are even healthy and keeps you active throughout the day while you go sightseeing in Sundarban. If you are coming to Sundarban they you must enjoy the food out here. You get to eat Hilsa, varieties Bengali sweets like rosogolla, Sandesh, Misti doi out here. Here both veg and non-veg items are very famous. 


Sundarban is surrounded by water on all sides so here the transportation is mainly by water and boats and ferries are widely used in Sundarban. In the delta region all kinds of vehicles like bikes, cars can travel they can’t move out of Sundarban without the help of a boat. 

So, the main transportation to Sundarban is a boat. 

9.Hotels and Accommodation

The Hotels in Sundarban are of the best quality and they are also very hygienic. They have the best facilities and well-decorated rooms. You get both AC and Non AC rooms in Sundarban And they are all very hygienic and well maintained. You get all facilities within the hotel and you do not need to travel out for anything. 

10. Why Travel to sundarban

To understand why you must travel to Sundarban you need to understand the fact that Sundarban is a nice place and people travel here for many reasons. Some simply for fun, some for educational purposes, some for photography, some for solace. Many people have their reasons to travel to Sundarban. It is all within you and for your benefit. How you want it and why you want it. It depends upon you. 

11. Safety in the sundarban

Sundarban is well protected and Safe. It is beautifully kept and clean. Everything inside Sundarban is protected and well sanitized. No one can enter Sundarban without being properly sanitized. It is the best part of Sundarban that you can enjoy. Taking Sundarban tour from Kolkata then make sure you are well sanitized before entering the Sundarban premises.  So, here are the answers to all your questions regarding the travel to Sundarban. Now enjoy. 

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