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There is always a different thing in a different place. Every new place has something new to offer. Something new to give and something new to care for. Similarly, Sundarban also has something very beautiful to offer, something very unique to present in front of you. As we all know everything is very unique and everything has its vibe. Nothing is similar to others. Sundarban is loved by all and its vibe is enjoyed by every person.

I always had a wish to visit Sundarban but due to my workload, I couldn’t fulfill this wish for a long time. Ultimately last year during December I was able to take a long holiday and planned to go for a Sundarban tour for 2 nights 3 days. It was right that I had made the plan but I didn’t know how to carry out the plan in the right manner so that I can visit Sundarban without any worry. So, I started to search online and after a lot of failed searches, I got a good touring agent with whom I could go to Sundarban without any worry. Their reviews were very good and their touring was reported good enough. 

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Booking the touring agent: 

But before you skip this part, know how to choose the right touring agent: 

  1. Search properly online and have a proper idea about which touring agents are good. 
  2. Read the reviews and know about them online so that you get a clear idea. 
  3. Know from the people those who have already visited and traveled with the touring agent. 
  4. Now when you are sure about them talk to them in person and then if you feel they are good finalize them. 

Important Discussion with the Touring Agent

After this important step is complete it is time you discuss with them your needs and specifications:

  • If you have some medical issues that might be a hindrance to the tour, then discuss with them and try to find a solution so that your trip can go on smoothly. 
  • If you take any medicine daily carry it with you and plan your trip accordingly. 
  • If you have some restrictions on food items like the classification of veg and non-veg then carefully discuss it with them so that you do not starve through the tour. 
  • If you love to stay in luxury and normal accommodations don’t comfort you then tell them that too. It will help them arrange for you in a better manner. 
  • If there is any special occasion that you want to celebrate there, then inform them of that too. It will give them time to prepare for everything beforehand. 

Whatever I thought is important I discussed it here, but if you remember something personally important to you then you must discuss it right at this moment with the touring agent. They will be able to arrange for you all these without any worry. 

Your Packing and Getting Ready: 

Now it is time to focus on you and your touring partners. You are the hero of the tour so you need to be well equipped and taken the necessary things that would make your tour an amazing one. So before you get into the packing, read the following details that will help you in the pack and arrange for:

  • Pack less and useful: You do not need everything on the tour. This is something that most people do not understand. We do not need to take everything but we just need to take our useful items. We go for a Sundarban tour maximum of three days. For three days a pair of 6 clothes would be enough. But clothes should be according to the season or whether you are going to visit Sundarban. But do not take more than 6 pairs of clothes each. That would do no good other than making your luggage heavy. So, clothes are sorted and now it’s time for your essentials. As the pair of shoes must be just two, carry your towel, bedcover, pillow cover, medicine, and other necessary items. 
  • Luggage: Always take one piece of luggage each. Do not make it two-three etc. It would be a disastrous decision. It is because you will have to go to Sundarban in a boat and the capacity of the boat is minimum. If your carry your whole world then they won’t be able to help you reach the other side easily. It will be a very difficult situation for you and for us too. So, make your luggage as little as possible. 
  • Be ready before time: Generally, the tours of Sundarban start early morning. So if you are getting ready for Sundarban then you must be ready before time. Make all the arrangements the night before. Keep everything just ready to wear and go. Then you won’t be late and for you, others will not suffer. It is always better to be ready before the time when you have to go to Sundarban. Wake up at 3:30 a.m or 4 a.m before you start and get ready quickly to get out and get going. Never be compromising with time then you will reach Sundarban late and will not be able to enjoy the things as they were supposed to be enjoyed. 

Let’s Start the journey: 

Distance and Mode of Travel

  • From Kolkata, the distance of Sundarban is – 130 km by Road. 
  • The Airport near Sundarban is Kolkata’s- Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport. 
  • The Railway station where you must reach if you are coming from outside Kolkata is Sealdah or Howrah. 

This is the basic information as to how you can take the first step to your Sundarban’s journey. 

The second thing you must know is which are the routes or which is the convenient route through which you can reach Sundarban: 

The Shortest and the most convenient route to go to Sundarban is :

  • Godhkhali from Kolkata and the distance is 82 km.   
  • It is 95 km from Netaji Subhas International Airport. 
  • Then if you are coming from Kolkata by road the best thing you can do is travel from Sealdah to Canning by train and then from Canning travel by road to Gokhale. 

These are the best and the most convenient ways to travel to Sundarban. 

Discuss with your tour guide how you can travel to Sundarban and then start your journey. They will surely tell you to come to your nearest point where they can pick you up on their bus and then your journey will start. 

It is generally a -2 to 3 hours journey to Sundarban from Kolkata. 

The journey is really good because the scenes and the scenery you experience on the way are very calming and green. It will surely make you fall in love with the place. 


Sundarban itinerary can be different for different times or slots you take for travel. Like if you travel for one day then its itinerary will be different. If you travel for two then another one and if you travel for 2 nights 3 days then its itinerary will be surely different.

Today we will discuss the longest one that is 2 Nights 3 days Sundarabn tour from Kolkata. 

Day 1: 

7:30 A.M- Get ready and reach your starting point as said by the travel agent. 

8:00 A.M- Your journey for Sundarban starts. If you have taken the AC car then you will enjoy the comfortable ride from your starting point to Sundarban. On the way, you will be served the breakfast as you have told them to serve you. If you are a vegetarian then they will give you bread, banana some snacks, etc. If you are a non-vegetarian then they will give you an extra that is the egg. You will also be served with tea or coffee as per your preference. 

11:50 A.M- You will be crossing the Gosaba Island by Boat and then you will be taking a car. 

1:30 P.M- You will reach your destination as you have booked. If you have chosen a hotel then you will reach a hotel, if you have chosen a resort then you will reach that, if you have chosen a houseboat then you will reach your houseboat. There you can check in and take a rest for some time. 

2: 00 p.m- Lunch will be served. 

4:00p.m- Enjoy the beauty of Sundarban while strolling around a bit and also get mesmerized with the amazing sunset that you see there. 

6:00 to 7:00 P.M.- You will be served with evening snacks and with tea /coffee. 

9 P.M- Dinner 

Day 2

6:30 to 7:00 A.M – The beautiful boat trip starts. You enter the mangroves and experience Sundarban with a new outlook. You feel the Beauty of Sundarban while traveling through the waters and experiencing so many things on the way. 

During this time you will visit the: Sajnekahli, Banbibi, Sundarkhali, see the five river junction points, also enjoy the Dobanki Canopy, and walk through it. 

Your Breakfast and lunch will be cooked on the boat itself and you will enjoy your food there itself. It will be like a sort of picnic on a boat. 

4:00 -5:00 P.M- It’s time to return to your place of stay after an amazing boat ride through Sundarban. 

6:30 P.M.- Served you with some complimentary Snacks. 

8:00 P.M- ( MOSTLY ENJOYED IN WINTERS)- A nice bonfire is lit and everyone sits around it and enjoys the folk and cultural program. 

9:00 – 9:30 P.M- Dinner is served. 

Day 3

Have your Breakfast in the morning and visit the Hamilton Bungalow and also the Rabindranath Tagore’s Bungalow. By now you will reach your car and you will be going back to Kolkata. The Lunch will be served on the way. 

4:00 -5:00P.M– You will reach Kolkata


The tour that we have discussed above is going on throughout the year. Only the bonfire may vary as per the weather. 

The cost of this tour might vary between 2,999- 3,999 rupees per person as your luxurious requirements. 

What the tour will include: 

  • An AC CAR
  • A permit to visit the Jungle, use the camera, use a video camera. 
  • Mineral water bottles will be served. 
  • Foods would include- 

Breakfast- 3

Lunch -3


Evening Snacks -2

Tea/Coffee and the cuisine will be purely Bengali. 

  • The Boat trip
  • Stay in Hotel, Cottage, or Resort


 You must not forget to carry your identity proof because it is very important to know who you are and how to recognize you. Without it, you won’t be allowed anywhere in Sundarbans.  Always choose the best Sundarban tour package from Kolkata then you will see that you are enjoying a better holiday compared to others. 

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