It’s a Story of Backpackers Holiday in Sundarban

It’s a Story of Backpackers Holiday in Sundarban

Adventure, who doesn’t like a pure adventure without anything interfering. I think everybody likes it and not only likes but wants to live a life where you do not need to worry but you can enjoy on your own without restrictions. 

The everyday busy routines, that same daily life, hustle, and bustles, tire you up. You want to rest, you want to be free and you want to retreat somewhere. What can be a better option than a backpack! Sundarban tour booking is done by all you do something different. Arrange your trip by yourself and go for it. 

Here are some questions and answers that will tell you why you must take up the trip and what will you learn and experience from it. Read them carefully and then decide. 

This blog will help you a lot for the backpacking tour: A Complete Guide- Before Visiting Sundarban

Why should you go backpacking to Sundarban? 

Many have a question that why should one go backpacking to Sundarban! What are its advantages? How much fun is it? Today in this blog you will get answers to all your questions. 

Backpacking means packing your bags and getting out for a tour alone. You do not take a guide, or contact a travel agent. It is a tour with yourself to a distant place. Nowadays people prefer to take their friends with them because they consider it much more fun and happening. So, if you want you can plan a group backpackers tour to Sundarban and enjoy to the fullest there. A proper Sundarban tour from Kolkata can be enjoyed in this manner too. 

Now the question is why should you go for or choose to go for a backpacking tour to Sundarban: 

– It is a fun thing to do. It is a different manner to learn something new and experience something new. You and your friends can explore many things, can go many places and stay anywhere you want. There is no restriction. It is something you must experience at least once in a lifetime. 

 – It helps you get rid of your fears. You no more stay fearful and worried about everything. You know that life is unpredictable and you become a prompt decision-maker who can decide instant but always right. 

 – You get a chance to interact with the locals and see how they stay in such a simple manner in their small huts and still they are so happy. They have no wishes for anything and they know only how to spread love and love throughout. You will learn a very good life lesson from them. 

 What are the special arrangements to be made for the backpacking trip? 

 Yes, this is a very good question and it needs to be answered that what are the special arrangements that should be made for the Backpacking trip. It is not like the everyday trip and it includes some rigorous training and understanding. You need to be very careful about certain matters as you are going to an unknown place without any touring agent or a guide. You have arranged everything by yourself and this is not a matter of a joke. You will have to do some great arrangements so that your backpack tour turns out to be great. 

  • Do not carry much luggage just a strong and sturdy backpack. Where you will carry some of your clothes, basic amenities, proper shoes, bedding, and whatever little you feel necessary to carry. Only carry important things. Do not burden yourself with everything. 
  • As you are traveling without a guide so be your guide and follow maps and GPS always. We do not want you to get lost or diverted. We want you to reach your destination within time and without anyone’s help. 
  • Always carry essential medicines like antacids, tablets for fever, mosquito repellant, etc. 
  • Never forget to carry your i-card, mask, and hand sanitizer. During this corona or covid 19 periods, these things are a must. 
  • It is not advised to travel alone if you are going for a backpacking trip for the first time to a new place. Always take some of your friends with you while you are on a backpacking trip. 
  • Take some light snacks with you to eat during the journey. 
  • Always Google and know from your friends and family about the place you are going to travel to as if here it is Sundarban. Sundaran 2 nights 3 days tour would be enough for your complete Sundarban experience. Rest you can know from others. 
  • Always drink sealed pack bottled water while out. Never try to drink local waters. If it doesn’t suit your stomach then you might fall drastically sick. 
  • Always dress light and comfortable while you are going for backpacks. If you wear heavy clothes you might feel irritated on the way and fall sick. 
  • Always to connected to your friends and family through call or internet because if anything wrong happens at least they can find you and help you through. 

When is the best time for a Backpacking trip to Sundarban? 

This is a very good question to be answered. The reason is that Sundarban is not a normal land. It is a delta and surrounded by huge bodies of water on all sides. So many times floods and storms happen in Sudnarban and everything comes to a standstill. So, it is very necessary to know when should you go or start your trip especially when you are on a backpacking trip. 

What I suggest is winter. During winters from November till March Sundarban looks very beautiful. Not only that it is in its best moods then and if you travel then to Sundarban you travel well. As because the weather is amazing therefore your experience is Sundarban is the best. You can click so many beautiful pictures, you can see so many happy animals in the National Park, you can watch beautiful birds and listen to their chirps all day. The watchtower becomes a place of bliss for travelers. 

The best during winters in Sundarban is the food. The food tastes so delicious and amazing that you keep on eating and you feel you have still some space left to eat more. Winters are months of sweets. Then how can Sundarban stay back? So during winters in Sundarban, you can taste a special type of sweet that is Pitha. It is a special Bengali dish. There are varieties of Pithas that you can taste and bring some for your friends and family too. 

There are different festivals celebrated during this time in Sundarban you can enjoy them too. 

Why should you prefer Sundarban for the Backpack trip? 

You must and should choose Sundarban for the Backpack trip because Sundarban is beautiful on its own. It is simple as well as adventure. This rare mixture of simplicity and beauty is impossible to find anywhere. 

  • Prefer Sundarban because it is not a bad place rather a very safe place for both boys and girls. It is generally a village area and when you go there you feel you have come to your homeland. It is very simple and amazing. You will love it. 
  • It is adventurous. The reason why people take up backpacks is they want to go for an adventure. They want to explore the unknown. They want to be thrilled. This is completely happening in Sundarban. You can go for forest safari, boat adventure, night safari everything. 
  • Sundarban is hygienic. Now the world is very much concerned about hygiene for obvious reason the covid 19. So, when Hygiene is in question there is nothing better than Sundarban. Here the authorities are very strict and they will help you enjoy better hygiene. 
  • It is not at all very costly rather it is always within your budget when you think of a trip. It is a very simple place and you finish traveling it within such a few days then why will it cost more. But you can stay in a good place that will suit your needs with minimum cost only. 
  • Sundarban revitalizes you and gives you the energy to be happy and satisfied with your life. It teaches you the real meaning of life. It helps you understand that there many more serious things in life other than just your problems. You can think about them and make your life a better place to live. 

Yes, now you know why you should go for a Backpack trip and why you must go for an adventure. Then if you are of the right age and you think you have the confidence of going for such a trip then call up your good friends ask them and discuss with them. If all of you agree then make the plan for the next trip to Sundarban. It will be really fun and adventurous. You and your friends will surely love it. But make sure you are properly aged and you are allowed for such a trip. Otherwise, you might fall into trouble. 

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