A Journey from Kolkata to Sundarban and Enjoying Sundarban

A Journey from Kolkata to Sundarban and Enjoying Sundarban

What does a person need to live happily? Is it luxury or peace?

If you ask me, I shall call it PEACE, which a human needs to live happily. Luxury might give you happiness. It might excite you for some time, but ultimately it won’t be able to buy you any happiness rather it would buy you tension, worries, and destructive life. But if you have less money and a huge amount of peace then you will see that at night you are opening your windows and sleeping, letting the cold breeze in and sleeping without worry. 

Most of us those who live in cities live a very busy life. We work day in and day out to survive in a little bit better manner. But even after we try a lot, we barely could do these things. We barely could survive in a better manner. We are just earning money and thinking of enhancing the security system of our house. But the peace the assurance of life is hardly found.  You must take up a proper Sundarban tour from Kolkata.

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Like you, I also suffered from this problem. I was also in search of peace and happiness. I went from one place to the other in such of this one thing. But nowhere was I able to find it. Then one day someone told me about Sundarban. A place that is neither a country nor a city but a place that connects two-country, India and Bangladesh. I got interested to know about it more. Soon I searched on the internet and found the place. It’s a delta and it is situated in West Bengal. I saw some of its pictures and Google more about it. The pictures were fascinating and Google said it is the World’s largest delta. Immediately I felt an urge from within to visit this place. I also came to know that the people of Sundarban are very loving-hearted. They eat less, stay in a small hut, are not much affluent but their heart is made of pure gold. This attracted me about them. As I felt the urge, I thought of going to Sundarban. Then I had to plan the Sundarban tour. Accordingly, I called up a good travel agent and told them to see how I can properly go to Sundarban. What they said was that first I need to go to Kolkata and then only the tour could start. Immediately I booked a ticket for Kolkata and then the tour started. 

The journey from Kolkata to Sundarban : 

An amazing journey from Kolkata to Sundarban started just a few days after I decided to go to Sundarban and called up my travel agent. I never thought this will start so early and I will be able to enjoy so much and also be so much excited. It was my first trip to a place that is not famous for its big buildings, mansions, structures, or any such luxury, but famous for its natural beauty and organic things. You must always choose the right Sundarban tour package.

Reached Kolkata Airport: 

The first thing I did is started for Kolkata airport. Soon I reached there without any problem. It is a very beautiful airport. I liked. As I reached I called up my touring agent. They were just outside the airport so they came quickly to pick me up. I was impressed by their behavior. From there I headed towards their car and then the next phase of the journey started.  

Started the Journey:

Now I am in the car that is taking me to Sundarban. I am enjoying the journey. The road is very beautiful and just like the paintings of Bengali village. Everywhere is green and water bodies on all sides. The women of the village are wearing a sari and looking so beautiful. It is so good to see them. I enjoyed seeing all this throughout the way. No sooner while enjoying the beautiful scenes on the way I reached Sundarban. It was amazing. 

Reached Sundarban: 

Sundarban is very beautiful. I loved the place. It is magical and impressive. The atmosphere of Sundarban is just like coming to a new home. I felt I was in search of this place for so long. I didn’t feel that I have come here for a tour rather I felt a connection with the place. It is very amazing and beautiful. I was in love with the place just by seeing it. 

Amazed by the beauty:

It is a very beautiful place all-natural and well decorated by nature itself. There are very few artificial things. Everything is God-gifted and beautiful. If you come to Sundarban you will first love its simplicity and then anything else. There is nothing glamorous about Sundarban. Nothing so sparkly and glittery. But what is amazing about Sundarban is its feel and love. 

Had delicious food:

We had delicious food in Sundarban. The taste is unforgettable. It is so good that I thought the food must never end. It is one of a kind and very healthy too. The food was very well cooked and cooked with a lot of love and care. The hygiene was well maintained and none of the food felt bad or unhygienic. It is one of the best parts of the food in Sundarban. 

Off for Adventure: 

It is time for some amazing adventure. A boat was prepared and we were taken for a good adventure tour. On the way, I saw so many adventurous things. It is great. When I was out for adventure I clicked so many amazing pictures for memories. They are my prized possession now. I loved Sundarban. If I get the chance I will surely love to come to Sundaban once again.  A proper sundarban tour 1 night 2 days package cost is not high rather you can manage it within very less amount. You will enjoy the tour a lot and the place will win your heart. I recommend Sundarban to all. It is not only beautiful but amazing. It is one of a kind and people love to visit it always.

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