This Puja Vacation: Sundaraban Destination

This Puja Vacation: Sundaraban Destination

The months of September, October, and November are the most pious in India. These are the months when a train of festivals starts in every part of India. Everywhere in India people dress up differently in their traditional attire and celebrate the festivals. These are the months of purity and blessing. Colors worship, celebration, food, and happiness spread everywhere. During this time all the schools in India remain closed for some days considering it as a puja vacation. During this time people love to travel from one place to other to celebrate their puja vacation differently. Moreover, it is a real fun activity when you spend your puja vacation in different parts of India and interact with different cultures and festivals celebrated there.

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 West Bengal is famous for Durga Puja. During Durga Puja West Bengal takes a new form, mostly in every lane and street of West Bengal then Durga Puja is celebrated with pomp and purity. It is a time of mass celebration in West Bengal. The atmosphere has a very pious smell at this time, the environment is filled with purity and love. It is a different feeling. If you do not come here now you won’t understand how differently beautiful it is. 

Sundarban is a part of West Bengal. Though it is a delta that is connecting two countries India and Bangladesh it’s one part is in West Bengal. Therefore, the place is mostly populated by Bengalis and they too celebrate Durga Puja with pomp and happiness. So, during this puja vacation if you decide to come to Sundarban with your family and friends then you will be able to enjoy a pious festival differently in Sundarban where the culture of two countries unite, India and Bangladesh. Sundarban tour from Kolkata will be conducted by the best tour operator you will contact and they will make your journey from Kolkata to Sundarban safe and happier. 

So, before you plan to come to Sundarban make sure that you have connected with the best tour operator. If your tour operator is not the right person then you will never be able to travel to Sundarban better and enjoy. So, be very careful while selecting the tour operator. 

Here we have chalked out a plan so that you can travel to Sundarban better during Puja vacation: 

Book the best touring agent:

Sundarban tourism can be better enjoyed when you have booked the best touring operator. If your tour operator is not right, then you can never enjoy in Sundarban. You will just have to face trouble after trouble because your tour operator couldn’t arrange everything that you would have needed to travel to Sundarban better. So, read reviews, meet offline and be sure that your tour operator is the best and the most knowledgeable person. When you are sure about all these then book that touring agent for your travel to Sundarban. You will see that automatically your tour is well planned and well arranged. You will just enjoy yourself in Sundarban. 

Plan the trip:

Now it’s time you plan the trip. It is not that you will like everything that the tour operator will suggest. So, consult with the tour operator and decide what you will like and how can they arrange for that. You will surely have some personal suggestions and when the tour operator will maintain that, your trip will be much more comfortable and happier. 

So, make sure that you plan your trip and enjoy a better day in Sundarban. Make your puja vacation much better and happier just with a simple well chalked out plan. Always stay in the best hotel in Sundarban

Be ready to enjoy puja:

It is time you enjoy the puja you are in Sundarban now and it is the time of Durga puja. The whole atmosphere is differently colored and differently pious. You will feel that purity within you. So, why wait, be ready to enjoy Durga Puja to the fullest and be festival ready. Do take your colorful, traditional clothes with you and wear them during the puja, when Ma Durga will be prayed you will see that a beautiful environment has been created, you are on a different level of your being. It is a very beautiful happening and it is something genuine and genius. When the Anjali is being done you too take part in it, it is something great. This is something amazing and celebrating. You will see that you will thank later that you planned to go to Sundarban during this time. It is amazing. 

Relish the bhog:

Durga Puja is incomplete without Bhog. If you are not enjoying Bhog during Durga puja then you are enjoying nothing at all. Moreover, when after puja you will see everyone is enjoying the bhog then automatically you will try to relish it. It is prepared with love and purity. It is prepared with the blessing of God. It is prepared in the most hygienical manner. You will love its taste for sure. Everyone loves it. Once you will have a bhog you will see that you are wanting it again and again. It is so delicious. It is the first offered to the God or the Durga Devi then served to all. So, it is thought that it has the blessing of God and therefore it tastes way better than any other dish there. 

Click amazing colorful pictures:

Durga puja is incomplete without some really good pictures. If you are enjoying Durga puja and not clicking some great selfish then what are you doing? What is the meaning of that enjoyment? You must keep memories of that enjoyment and click some great pictures with you for a lifetime. 

If you are a photographer, then you will surely love to be in Sundarban during Durga puja with your camera because you will get to click some great pictures there. 

The boron of Ma, the Anjali, the lighting, the pandals, the people dressing up so beautifully, the bisarjan, the bisarjan dance, the atmosphere, the environment, everything is clickable during this time in Sundarban. It is a completely new feeling, it is a beautiful thing to explain and enjoy. If you have not been there then it might become difficult for you to understand so enjoy it practically come to Sundarban directly and enjoy Sundarban practically. You will surely feel blessed to be in Sundarban during this time. It is the experience of a lifetime. 

Do the bisarjan dance

This is something you can’t afford to miss while in Sundarban. This is amazing and you must enjoy it completely. Bisarjan dance is a special dance that is enjoyed only in India. When the puja ends and during the last day when the idol will be taken to the waters to emerge them as a ritual signifying that The God or Goddesses is going back to their home, then people while taking the idol to emerge them in the water dance and enjoy a lot. That dance has no particular step or form. It is like whatever comes to your mind with the tune that plays just dance. Enjoy and be happy to dance. You must enjoy it and try to do it too.   Always choose a good hotel in Sundarban and enjoy in Sundarban in a better manner.

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