Why does Sundarban attract tourists more?

Sundarban Trip

Sundarban is a beautiful place in West Bengal which is situated on the border of India and Bangladesh. 70% area of Sundarban lies inside India whereas the rest area lies in Bangladesh. As it is a confluence of three rivers and connected to the Bay of Bengal the water is salty here. It’s a delta of around 25,000 sq Km which contains villages, a Jungle, a small town, and many more. The weather is not so hot or cold here. The mangrove trees grow finely for suitable soil and weather. As a result, there is a huge mangrove forest is developed in Sundarban which is very special in West Bengal, India. The natural site is very charming. Everyone is fond of natural beauty. So, there are too many wild animals, reptiles, Wild birds who prefer to live in Sundarban because of nature and the availability of food. Apart from this, there is many villages are situated around mangrove forest followed by all security guidelines. Most people in Sundarban depends on forest and river to maintain their daily life. The main source of the people of Sundarban is a collection of wood, crabs, and fish. But peoples are very simple and honest. Lastly, I can say Sundarban is full of natural beauty which gives full entertainment to the visitors spontaneously.

Now Sundarban is one of the top-line tourist places in India. Thousand and thousands of tourists have been visiting Sundarban every year because there is many sightseeing are available here. Apart from this, the royal Bengal tiger is the most charming part of the Sundarban tour. There is a maximum chance to see a royal Bengal tiger because they move from here to there in the mangrove forest. If you are lucky then you can get a chance to see the royal Bengal tiger. Because Sundarban national park is established by the Government of India many years ago as a tiger reserve. Actually, this national park has covered the area of mangrove forest, so that tigers move freely there like in the jungle openly. Many bird-watching towers are available there from where tourists can watch birds clearly and closely with the best safety. Apart from this tourists can watch other wild animals like deer, wolves, rabbits, and many more. So, we can say there is many sightseeing are available which will entertain tourists very much. On the other hand, many resorts are available in Sundarban. Tourists can enjoy the forest and it’s surrounding very much from the resort also. So that tourists can feel the staying in the Jungle with closeness to nature. Making a plan for the Sundarban tour is very easy right now. There is many tour operators are available in Kolkata and Gosaba to serve tourist from all over India. They have some Sundarban tour packages in which they mention all like tour literary, food details, transport facilities, etc. You can choose a Sundarban tour package as per your need. Now many Sundarban tour operators provide facilities to their tourists for making a customized Sundarban tour package as per their budget. For making a headache-free Sundarban tour you should make your Sundarban tour with an experienced and professional tour operator. But he/she should be genuine because now most cheater people have started their tour operator business by hijacking the brand of others. Even they copy the mother websites same to same. So always you should find out the original tour operator before booking a Sundarban tour package.

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