Why do peoples prefer to go for Sundarban?

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Not only do most of the people in India prefer go to Sundarban but also they like to make Sundarban tour with their family and friends nowadays because of many reasons. There are many GOD gifted natural things available in Sundarban So that people can expend their time easily with better enjoyment. They use to refresh their mind in a short period by making a sundarban tour. The statistical report says that more than 80% of tourists travel to Sundarban from various cities of India because they want to attach to nature compactly at least once. The people who will attach compactly to the nature of Sundarban once, he/she will visit Sundarban again and again.

A brief discussion is given below:-

Sundarban is full of nature – Sundarban is a big delta of around 25,000 sq. km which is a confluence of three big rivers name is the Ganga, Brahmaputra, and Meghnariver. The major transport is the sundarban houseboat over the river. As all these rivers are big rivers there are many crocodiles are living in their suitable environment. Apart from this Fish of many species, crabs, and turtles are available in the rivers. The rivers are directly connected with the Bay of Bengal, that’s why the water is a little salty there. Sundari trees are growing in sundarban finely due to the suitable environment. These Sundari trees are known as mangrove tree which attracts peoples from all corners of India and abroad. There is a huge mangrove forest is situated in Sundarban. The peoples of Sundarban believes that the Goddess BANABIBI is always in the jungle to save them from the Royal Bengal tiger. Due to the availability of huge mangrove forests in Sundarban many wild animals, wild birds, and reptiles are living there. Apart from this, many sightseeing such as Sajnekhali, Sudhanyakhali, Burirbari, Bird watching tower, National park, and many more are available in sundarban which are full of beauty. So anyone can expend their time easily.

Some other attraction parts:- 

  1. Sundarban houseboat riding – The riding of sundarban houseboat gives amazing feelings to everybody. Sometimes the swimming crocodiles are seen in the river. There is a chance to get face to face with the crocodile but tourists are fully safe inside the houseboat because these are made by following all the safety guidelines. Apart from this tigers are also seen in the river because sometimes they come to the riverside for hunting. It gives a chance to watch the tiger closely.
  1. Wild animals – Many wild animals like folks, deers, tigers, hyenas, and rabbits are available in the mangrove forest. All these animals move everywhere freely. The royal Bengal tigers also hunt freely in the jungle. Many times tigers enter the nearest villages of Sundarban by searching for their food.   
  1. Wild birds – More than 500 species of birds come to Sundarban every year. So that the tourists can get a chance to watch many special birds.
  1. Mangrove forest – Mangrove forest is developed here only in the entire eastern region of India. So that most the people want to see the mangrove forest in their life. So that mangrove forest is an attraction point to visit Sundarban.
  1. Bird watching tower – There are many bird watching towers available in Sundarban. Tourists can view the wild animals and birds clearly and closely from there. Not only they can watch the wild animals and birds from the bird watching tower but also they can view the natural sights of Sundarban closely like from the front view, side view, etc. So that, there is a chance to collect the overview of Sundarban directly from nature.
  1. The lively hood of local people – The local peoples depend on the Jungle and the rivers to maintain their daily needs. They collect honey, and wood from the jungle. Apart from this, they collect fish and crabs from the river. Basically, these are the basic income source of the people of Sundarban. Tourists can get a chance to know about their lively hood.

It is sure nature lovers or wild animal lovers or wild bird lovers persons visit at least once a year because of the compact attraction of Sundarban. Apart from this other people also like to visit Sundarban for refreshing their mind, they spend their time easily with the best enjoyment. Even many people visit Sundarban weekly from Kolkata.

How can people reach Sundarban? There are many ways to reach Sundarban. But if you want to make a Sundarban tour then you should make a plan for a Sundarban tour from Kolkata because it’s a comfortable route for everyone. Sundarban is well connected with Kolkata by train and road. There are lots of private vehicles are available in Kolkata for the Sundarban tour. So that you can travel with them. Apart from this train is also available from Sealdah railway station to the nearest railway station of Sundarban(Canning). Now many Sundarban tour operators are providing many Sundarban tour packages to their customers for making a Sundarban tour. Many of them provide pick-up facilities from Kolkata and drop out to Kolkata. You can choose a Sundarban tour package which is included the Sundarban tour from Kolkata because it will relieve you from the hectic journey. So you can think a lot before starting your journey. On the other hand, you can travel by train to canning after that you can pick up a private vehicle from there to Godkhali. Then you can travel by Sundarban houseboat, positively you can save expense but it may hamper your Sundarban tour due to hectic journey.

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