Sundarban tour is temporarily closed due to COVID-19

Sundarban house boat

No doubt, Sundarban is a top-line tourist post in West Bengal, India. There are many sightseeings are available it’s surrounding and all are well connected by rivers. So that tourists get a chance to ride Sundarban house boat to reach there. Apart from this, the riding of Sundarban houseboat gives much happiness to all the tourists. All sightseeing contains too many natural things like mangrove trees, wild animals, wild birds, and reptiles, etc. Hence too many tourists from all over India come to Sundarban by making a Sundarban tour in between September to march because in this period Sundarban is decorated itself best. We know COVID-19 has been raising pandemics all over the world since December 2019. Like other countries, India is also suffering from a long period. The frontline worker, health workers, and administration department have been monitoring this situation very fine. But all they have been advising is to wear the mask and wash our hands frequently along with maintaining a physical distance. These three things are very important to control COVID-19. Thankful to our scientists we have received the vaccine to protect ourselves from the CORONA virus. After being vaccinated to the major population in India, COVID-19 patient cases had decreased from September 2021. From that time some relaxation has given by bot state Government and Central Government. So that we have started to maintain our work and lifestyle as before.

All most all people rather than frontline COVID-19 workers and administration spent full time inside their home for a long time, perhaps more than 20 months, they started for making a tour plan to fresh their mind as soon as Government gave some relaxation and allowed tourists to a tourist place. As a result, lots of tourists have made a Sundarban tour from September 2021 to till next lockdown by maintaining all the COVID-19 guidelines. There are too many crowds in Sundarban as most tourists prefer to make a Sundarban tour. In this period we were thinking Sundarban is smiling with happiness to welcome tourists into it’s heart. Both Sundarban tour operators and tourists were also happy at that time. Gradually visiting number of tourists were increased day by day. But unfortunately, another COVID-19 variant which is known as OMICRON has entered India in the middle of December. From that time CORONA affected cases have increased gradually. At the very beginning, ICMR and virology department in India advised us to wear the mask, sanitize or wash our hands, and maintain a safe distance are the main procecure to control COVID-19. Also, we have seen the result of this procecure in first and second Lehar. Already it is declared by experts OMICRON is spreading 70 times faster than the DELTA variant, So we have to maintain the COVID-19 guideline strictly to control the situation although we have taken COVID-19 Vaccine. There are very crowd in all tourist places in India due to the presence of maximum numbers of tourists. So that, tourist places may be the hotspot to spread OMICRON. Therefore, the government of West Bengal has decided to shout down the tourist places till the situation will control. So that Sundarban tour is postponed right now. You can make a plan for Sundarban tour when the government will allow for tourists. You can book or reschedule your Sundarban tour booking by contact with your Sundarban tour agency. Positively they will give you the right suggestion. So don’t worry, now we have to follow all the COVID-19 guidelines strictly for our best safety along with our all family members. As soon as we will control the COVID-19 situation our Government will allow us to make a Sundarban tour. After that, we can make Sundarben tour from Kolkata easily with safety.

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